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We are still developing content for this section. In order to be able to keep up with our high standards of service, we need a little more time. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!

Try our mobile phone site at www.AirportCarsBournemouth.tel for people on the move

We are Airport Cars Bournemouth BH1 Central Bournemouth 01202 461872 part of Homer Associates Transport Services enquiry@airportcarsbournemouth.co.uk

We accept credit cards there is a handling charge for this service

TERMS & CONDITIONS for Homer Associates transport busineses only
We have tried to make the terms and conditions below as reasonable for both parties as possible, they are designed to make clear and prevent any misunderstandings for both parties in any booking & transaction difficulties.

Delays & Charges:-

1.00   We request you be ready at the Pick up time agreed in the booking:-

Delays by the customer at the home pick up  point agreed in the booking, may incure a  charge.  These vehicles are  pre booked  for the whole day and any unforseen delays by clients may cause a knock on effect to other customers on the days schedual and delays to other users of our services and loss of earnings for the driver & company. (Each case will be considered on merit before charges are made)  

1.01  Any late departures from the pick up point,brakedown incured during transportation to from the destination in our vehicles or subcontractor, is at the risk of the customer, and no liability is taken for any traffic delays, loss, damage or missed flights or any additional costs incured by the customer. Every effort will be made to supply alternative vehicles in the event of a brakedown, equivalent to the cost contracted for, additional cost are the responsibility of the client.

1.1 Delays incurred by the customer are not the responsibility of the company.

1.2 Car parking charges incured by the driver representing Car Link Air after the first 10 minutes of landing will be payable by the customer to the driver. Payment to be made to the driver prior to departure from the point of collection.  This is in addition to any re-scheduling and re-booking fees.

1.2.1 The driver will normally come into the airpot car park 30-minute after the scheduled landing time. The car park charges start from when the vehicle first enters the airport car park. The driver will make every effort to keep this time to a minimum. 

1.3 Waiting time is free for the first 1 hour from the scheduled landing time i.e. the ETA of the scheduled flight times. Thereafter at £5.00 per quarter of an hour.  

1.4 When Flight are delayed 1.5 hours or more, the customer will be liable to a re-scheduling and re-booking fee of 50% of the return journey cost, and is subject to driver availability.

1.4.1 Re-scheduling and re-booking fees are to be paid to the driver prior to departure from the customer's point of collection. i.e. Information desk

1.4.2 Customers who have not paid for their return journey in advance, will be required to pay the re-scheduling and re-booking fee, plus additional car parking charges in addition to the return journey cost prior to departure from their point of collection.  This is to be paid directly to the driver.

1.4.3 Customers who have paid for their return journey in advance will only be liable for the re-scheduling and re-booking fee plus any additional car parking charges and waiting time.  Again this is to be paid directly to the driver prior to departure from your point of collection.

1.5 Non payment of any fees or charges levied against the customer will result in services from the company being withdrawn. Alternatively they will be charged to your CC. after completing the assignment. 

Baggage - Loss/Damage:

2.1 Customers baggage carried by our drivers is entirely at the customer's own risk.

2.2 Homer Associates does not accept any liability for any loss or damage to any baggage, goods or contents whilst in our vehicles.

2.3 Responsibility lies with the customer to ensure that baggage is accounted for and loaded into the vehicle prior to leaving the point of collection or departure.   

Meeting: Arrivals flights

3.1 The common meeting point is in the Airport Arrivals Hall, unless otherwise stated. Meeting approximately 30- 45 minutes after the ETA advised landing time from the Airport systems. We do not take any responsibility if the inforamtion we are working from the BAA system is wrong for any reason. We can only work on the best information avialable at the time

3.1.1 Inbound flights are monitored on their progress.  You will when possible, be met up to 45 minutes after the aircraft lands should it do so at a time earlier than originally given.  This is subject to scheduling and driver availability. 

 Sub Contracting:

4.1 Homer Associates reserves the right to sub-contract to other licensed organisations in order to meet it's obligations should the need arise.

4.2 If the return journey has not been paid for in advance and a sub-contracted company has been used to meet you, you will pay the driver in the normal way. You can ask for a receipt from the driver.

Amendments & Changes:

5.Homer Associates reserves the right to amend it's Terms & Conditions as necessary without prior notice.   

Complaints Procedure:

6.1 In the event that a customer wishes to register a complaint, they should write or e-mail us giving all necessary information including:  name, address, date of travel, reference number (if any), and specific details relating to the complaint.

6.2 All complaints will be investigated and responded to within 7 days.  


7.1 Where a deposit has been taken i.e. 20% or more of total fare, then this will be forfeited as compensation for loss of business by Homer Associates or charged retro spectively as compensation for loss of business.

The following table shows what percentage of the fare paid will be refunded in the case of cancellation by the customer from the start date of the first or only leg of your travels with us.

7.1a The following table shows what percentage of the fare paid will be refunded in the case of cancellation by the customer within the time frames stated. NOTE:- Cancellation date is from the date of the first leg of the booking not between trips.

7.2 Within 7 days of first leg of travel, no refund.

7.3 Within 8 - 13 days of the first leg of the trip, 50% refund.

7.4 Within 14 days - 1 month of the first leg of the trip, 100% refund.    


8.1 Payment method preferred when booking, by credit card or Building Society cheques  to Homer Associates see postal  address on paperwork or web site.

8.1a Alternative Payment can be made in either cash in UK pounds or Building Society cheque directly to the driver upon your collection. NOTE:-Credit cards are not accepted by the driver for payment

If you prefer to pay by cheque, leave the payee section blank untill the driver tells you the name to enter.  Ensure the cheque is signed and dated.  It is an offence to issue a cheque that has insufficient funds in the account to honour it.

8.1.1 In the event that a cheque is returned from the bank for any reason, an additional charge of £10.00 or whatever the bank charges (whichever is the greater) will be levied against the customer for every re-presentation of the cheque.

8.2 Should you wish to pay for the outbound and return journeys separately, this is possible, but it is advised that there will be no guarantee that you will be met upon your return at the time specified.  Every effort will be made to meet you at your requested time.

8.3 In order to ensure you will be met at your requested time, you are advised to pay for both the outbound and return journeys in advance. Or a minimum deposit to secure the retrun booking. 


9.1 If you have any other questions about these Terms & Conditions use the e-mail facility or write to us.

Homer Associates represent:- Airport Cars Bournemouth, Car Link Air, Homer Chauffeur Drive, A B Courier Services, Poole Cars and related Transport services
Postal Address,  Suite 52, 2 Lansdowne Crescent, Bournemouth

01202 461 872

overseas +441202 461 872

  Please Remember- We can process your booking and payment 'online' at the time of booking only, there will be a charge for this service to cover administration costs minimum of £5.00 or 4% whichever is the greater

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